Zombie #92 (armored_mind) wrote,
Zombie #92

Alles gut zum mein Geburtstagfeier!

Saturday night was my birthday party at Bavarian Grill.

It was good to see everybody, we haven't all been out in quite a while - icky summer weather and all that. The afterparty at the bar with the crotchety Beer Frau was pretty great too - she's very entertaining.

I haven't been there in a long time, so I forgot how good the food was; I got the Jägerschnitzel - the one covered in Awesome Sauce. Tasty, tasty fungus.

I got some super cool presents too - a set of darts, a book about zombies, a Zombie Outbreak Response Team (Urban Division) shirt, and .. a THEREMIN. Woo!

Thanks everyone!

Now I'm off to go put the Theremin together.
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