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Amtgard news

I won dragonmaster again! I entered my leather pants, a leather vest, two hats and two chainmail shirts. Everything did well. I don't know what awards I'll be getting, but hopefully I'll be a step closer to my Master Garber.

(For those of you unfamiliar with Amtgard, Dragonmaster is a tournament based around making stuff. That's about it.)

I just got back from Spring War down in Giddings, had to leave early so I could go to the birthday party tonight. It was a really great event. Highlights included two ridiculous missed turns; the equally ridiculous girl that claimed to be not only a vampire, but a cousin to Lilith, offering on several occasions to turn me (insert twiddly fingers of doom guesture here); the fort-o-plywood that blew down before anyone could raise a battering ram to it; a large trebuchet with stuffed animals for ammunition; really thick fog; a friendly hyperactive dog that loved cheese; and staying awake until the sky started to get light again.

Now excuse me while I go take a nap on the nearest available horizontal surface. I am tired.
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