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New project.

On my latest adventure in the world of crafting, I went in a different direction and tried metal casting. My first design was out of necessity, since I'd somehow managed to lose my old pewter cross necklace at an amtgard event, and I needed a new one.

I sculpted the shape in modeling clay first, then took a plaster mold from that. I bought an electric melting pot, and melted down some old pewter Star Wars christmas ornaments I had lying about. The first two production runs sucked, so after melting down all my first attempts, and re-doing the clay model and plaster mold, I came up with this one.

After casting this, I played a game of "let's see what I can melt in this thing." Fun times.

Today I got the soapstone I'd ordered - future molds will be carved from that, instead of cast from plaster.

My next project is buttons. I want to replace the plastic buttons on a 1800's vest I bought recently with some pewter ones, with either gears or skulls embossed on them. Maybe both ...
Tags: metal casting, showing off
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